06.07.11 – Action Shot


Welp, half of my day was spent working on business cards (1 design for me & 1 design for Benjamin) and the other half separating my things into what I need to box up, what I need to have with me and what I need to throw away or give to the thrift store – beginning stage of the moving process. Thus, there wasn’t a lot of action in my day.

I looked to my cats, a constant source of amusement, for some action.

The staring contest went on for awhile, and until, finally, Quetzal pounced.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite ready and my camera wasn’t quite up to the task.

I thought maybe I could try again, but by this point, they had collapsed and refused to look at each other.

I know the challenge is to take a themed picture for 365 days, so we can consider the blurred picture of my cats fighting as my official action picture. But, I’ll also include this picture from a few weeks ago, as it fits the Action theme. And is in focus, mostly.


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