I solemnly swear I have not forgotten this blog

I can’t honestly claim I have kept up with my picture a day project, but I do have quite a few to post today!


Honestly, this paper airplane was awful. I am an awful paper airplane folder. It did not stay airborne for long.


Taken in Bree’s backyard, it seemed pretty alive.


(after working until 2 a.m., driving an hour home, waking up at 7 a.m., driving 45 min, sitting in a parking lot until kids showed up at 9:30 a.m., face painted 2 hours and then drove home, this nap and coffee were absolutely amazing.)


Though there are a lot of actual alive animals in my life, this was the day Benjamin killed a deer with his bike (had I been there, that would have obviously been the picture) and I was so tired that this turtle in the window is all you get. He’s cute though. And from Australia.


As a graduation gift, my mom got me this special edition of my favourite book, and the best graduation/major life change gift there ever could be, Oh! The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Suess, of course. This bright turquoise colour is my favourite!


Does the inside of my dad’s garage-bar count as architecture? I sure hope so.


Quetzal’s 2nd day in his new room. I’m always amazed at how my cats can be comfortable in the positions in which they arranged themselves.

So, assuming I actually do it, today will be Art.

And a few extras:

Benjamin's Card!

My new card!

Jerry Lee Unicorn

World, meet Jerry Lee Lewis. This is his impression of a unicorn.

Benjamin plus Radar

My dad’s dog, Radar, trying desperately to get Benjamin’s attention.

And that’s my week! Hopefully, they’ll be less time between this and the next post. 🙂

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