Dragon*Con 2011 – Friday

Last weekend (Labor Day weekend) was, as it is every year, my favourite weekend of the year. The best 4-day costumed nerd party there has ever been – Dragon*Con! For those who don’t know, Dragon*Con is multigenre – sci fi, pop culture, science, literature, music, costuming, etc. – convention that takes place in Downtown Atlanta every Labor Day Weekend.  I can’t find an exact number for 2011, but there were ~40,000 attendees in 2010, and I know the number increased this year. Basically, giant nerd party.

The two weeks before Dragon*Con were pretty much completely devoted to sewing my costumes, thus my absence from the blog world. This year, I only made two new costumes – Lorena & Bon Qui Qui (you can see reference pictures and videos in this blog post). Last year, I was a bit more ambitious and made 4. I re-used two of those this year, but perhaps I’ll post a Dragon*Con 2010 flashback later on.

The cutest Nyan Cat I saw all weekend

Toria as Misty with Calvin & Hobbes

Katinka & Mugatu from Zoolander

Ben spent almost an hour looking at this Lego display. Literally.

Where else will you find Hello Kitty as Slave Leia?

Satin & Zidler!

Barbara, Charlie, & I representing a few of the many Star Trek costume options.

The man your man could smell like

I’ll post Saturday next – parade, my Lorena costume, the True Blood panel and 75 balloon swords.


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