Dragon*Con 2011 – Sunday

We found a Snape & a McGonagall

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.

– The Sorting Hat

We started off Sunday as Ravenclaws.  I made both of our ties and our skirts. My brother carved my wand.

Harry Kim and Chakotay!

Ohh Voldy Voldy

On the mike is the queen
so listen to me sing
he wanna number 5
super size onion ring.

– Bon Qui Qui

That night, we changed costumes – Toria back into Totoro and me into Bon Qui Qui. I have to say, Bon Qui Qui might not be the prettiest costume I’ve ever donned, but it was, without doubt, the most fun. I only wish I had been able to wear it longer and yell at more people.

Zombie fast food mascots + Bon Qui Qui

For Bon Qui Qui, all I made was the King Burger patch. I took the shirt in, cut the neckline and added the patch. And re-glued those fingernails a million times. It was so fun. A good number of people recognized me and I think I’ll do it again.

Quidditch players HAAAAY

"Hey take a picture of me with this girl sitting on the floor texting"

Pee Wee!


That’s it for 2011! I think tomorrow, I’ll have a flashback post for Dragon*Cons passed.


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