Thursday Throwback: Dragon*Con 2008

2008 was my first real Dragon*Con (I had been in 2007, but only for Monday – and most everyone leaves Monday, so I didn’t get the full D*C experience).

I also didn’t bring my camera around, so the only pictures I have are those I found of us. This post will feature some pretty adorable cameos by Mary.

Old Greeeeeeeg

Mary & I decided to have coordinating costumes, she a bumblebee & I a ladybug. The costumes aren’t very complicated, but I think they turned out really cute. I didn’t really make anything for this costume, just sewed the dots onto my tutu. (And yes, Mary is in heels, but so am I. She’s just that tall/I’m just that short).

For these outfits, Mary made her pyramid head and sword (badass, right??). I sewed both of our skirts (and sewed straight through my finger in the process) and my card fan.

I’ll post pictures from 2009 & 2010 over the next few weeks. By then, I should be over the post-Dragon*Con depression. Or at least more focused on Halloween. And pumpkins and wearing boots and all things fall.


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