So sorry for the lack of posts as of late! Since my last update, we have found a new place to live, moved, unpacked, (mostly), went to (another) Hanson concert, visited Florida for a wedding, sewed drapes, and not done a single load of laundry (going to fix that tonight or I’ll be in costumes by tomorrow). I hope to have pictures of all of these things up here very soon.

In addition, I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately setting up my new (blog-based) website for my alter-ego, Rainbow. By the way, if you are terrified of clowns, don’t click that. I’ve been Lil’ Miss Rainbow for almost 10 years now. I paint faces and make balloon animals at events from small private parties to huge corporate celebrations and everything in between. I love it. If I could paint faces 40 hours a week, I would.

From a birthday party last weekend

Often, people ask me to come just as me, rather than in the full Rainbow get-up. This is fine with me, as the make-up takes about 15 minutes to apply and about twice as long to remove. In addition to Rainbow & just plain me, I have attended parties as a pirate, a princess, a fairy, a cowgirl, and Holly the Elf. I really need to just go ahead and make/buy a princess costume, as people request it pretty often. I’ve also designed a new costume for Rainbow that I really need to get working on. And finish the drapes. I’ll probably spend the weekend at the sewing machine.


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