Goodbye 2011


A winter storm, for which Atlanta was (understandably) unprepared, shut down the city for nearly a week. The “Snowcation in Hothlanta” (or “Snowpocalypse) trapped me with Benjamin all week (boo-hoo). 🙂 After that, he went to race his bike in Florida and in the Bahamas. Obviously, after a week with me, he needed a month without.  We also had our work holiday party in January at which we raced go karts and played ski-ball. Andrea & I also made a Monster Book of Monsters for Toria’s birthday and I started playing Words with Friends. Basically, I stayed inside because it was cold.


Angele, Kathy, Andrea, & I trekked to Orlando to visit the most magical place on Earth: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In addition to visiting Zonkos, Honeydukes, Filch’s Emporium, Olivanders, Hogshead, the Three Broomsticks, and, of course, Hogwarts, we rode as many rollercoasters as we possible could. It was incredible.  There was probably other stuff that month, like Valentine’s Day, but WWoHP overshadows it all.


In March, Benjamin went out for a bike ride and I got lost for three hours. Found a chimney. Judging from my Facebook, I also drank a lot of coffee, took a wine class, watched A LOT of Say Yes to the Dress, oh and went to Hayley‘s beautiful wedding!


I know that, in April 2011, I saw Matt Nathanson at Eddie’s Attic, went to Athens to support Benjamin as he raced Twilight, and ate my way into an Easter candy-coma, but apparently, this is the only picture I have from that month.


May was a very eventful month! And I actually did a decent job of taking pictures. I celebrated Benjamin’s birthday (the 3rd), wore a floppy hat and served Mint Juleps at the pub during the Kentucky Derby, celebrated Mother’s Day, made my first cake from scratch, cheered on Benjamin at at least one race (though I’m pretty sure it was more than one and on top of mountains and I had to pee in the woods), took a Circus Arts Class (and found out I’m half-decent at trapeze!), and designed new business cards for both Benjamin & I. It was a busy month. We’ll stick with this picture from the Brave’s game, though. It’s got my floppy hat and my cyclist and my sunburn (leftover from April’s trip to Athens).


I started this blog on June 6th! I haven’t exactly stuck to my picture-a-day theme, but my real goal was to make myself write more, and I feel I’ve accomplished that (though there is still quite a bit of room for improvement). On top of that, I saw the Dali exhibit at the High Museum, visited Camp Toccoa, got embarrassingly excited about True Blood’s return, and did my best attempt at nursing Benjamin back to health after he hit a deer on his bike – and killed it. Oh, yea, and moved in with him.  I know all of those are way more significant than a latte with my name on it, but I can’t resist choosing this picture (I don’t have a picture of Benjamin killing a deer with his bike :/).


The seventh month of the year, aka the best month, blessed us with Tour de France mornings, eating 2o dollars worth of KFC outside of Stone Mountain with Benjamin (keep in mind that I don’t eat meat.), Independence day cake-baking, face-painting, and cider-drinking, another Braves game (this that lasted for 19 innings and until 2 a.m. – oh, and we had walked there!), banana nutella pancakes, so much Harry Potter goodness (including a DHP2 Midnight showing, themed-trivia, Ravenclaw fingernails and toenails, and butterbeer cupcakes) and turning 25!


With Dragon*Con fast approaching, I spent a lot of August making my costumes – searching for a rib cage, molding fangs to my teeth, finding the biggest pair of gold hoops I could, sewing, sewing, sewing.  August also brought lots of cheering Benjamin on at the Dick Lane Velodrome, another visit to Camp Toccoa, my dad’s truck and trailer stolen from his driveway, a trip to Zoo Atlanta, and finding out that the house in which we were living was being sold.


After the 4-day-geek-fest that is Dragon*Con, every free moment of September was spent house-hunting, to no avail. In between that, I painted faces at Skater Aid, saw Wicked at the Fabulous Fox, and got into Pottermore Beta (Ravenclaw, of course!).


October started out frantic, with our living situation still not sorted out. Though we had until the end of the month, we wanted to be moved in before leaving for an out of town wedding on the 28th. Luckily, Benjamin found THE place. It was as-is, so a fair bit of October was dedicated to fixing and cleaning up the mess left by the former tenants (including windows that didn’t even shut (much less lock), chewed gum stuck on the hard wood floors, and much, much more). Among that, we did visit a pumpkin patch and apple orchard, trekked to Orlando for a wedding, celebrated Halloween, and went to (another) Hanson concert!


November was filled with more decorating and cleaning and settling into our new home. It also held my mom’s birthday (the 7th), finding a lot of lost treasures in our vents (like, a lot.), our anniversary (the 20th), and a wonderful Thanksgiving. For our anniversary, we visited the TELLUS museum where we  saw dinosaurs, meteors, space shuttles, and panned for gems.


Last month, I dusted off my Holly the Elf costume for a few birthday parties.  Benjamin & I also decorated for our first Christmas living together and we hosted a Mean Girls themed Christmas party, complete with a burn book and Calteen bars. I celebrated my brothers’ birthday, my best friend’s birthday, visited family in Cincinnati and brought in the New Year in Porterdale.

2011 was amazing and I know 2012 will be, too. I’m working on a list of goals for this year, which will include keeping this blog updated better. Thank you so much for reading!


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