Hello 2012!

I, like everyone else I know, am terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions. I can’t say I’ll do any differently this year, but I can’t find anything wrong with setting some (hopefully attainable) goals.

Write more. Blog, journal, short stories, maybe a novel or two. Ok, probably not the latter, but I need to be continuously improving my writing skills and writing daily is a huge part of that.

Read more. Part two of improving my writing skills. Last year, I read at least 15 books (that I can remember) and I’d like to read even more in 2012.

Go back to school. Figure out where I want to go to earn my master’s and in what discipline I want to get it. Take the GRE, apply to school. Hopefully, I can start in the fall.

Be healthy. I’m not going to set a goal-weight or stop eating sugar, but I am going to focus on my fitness and pay more attention to what I’m putting into my body. In addition to physical health, I’m going to make an effort to take time to relax, to express my feelings instead of holding them in, and to find better methods of stress release.

Get & stay organized. This is a much easier goal this year than in years past, as moving in with Benjamin has forced me to abandon my former method of just throwing my things into the closest open space. I’m still not used to it, though. The things he does automatically require concentrated effort from me and I’m working to make sure putting things where they belong becomes less of a chore and more of just how things work.

Make and stick to a budget– I tried to do this last month, but I don’t have a lot of experience with budget-making and didn’t plan for Christmas presents or all the birthdays in December. Basically, I blew through the “fun” allowance really fast and then gave up. So, instead of assuming each month’s budget will be the same, I need to make a budget accounting for special events and recognize that some months will require a bigger “fun” budget than others.

– Be more present. This means putting down my phone and spending quality time with the people sitting in the same room. It means focusing on what’s happening now and not what has happened in the past. I’m going to focus on doing my job well and appreciating that I have a job (or 3) instead of griping about how I’m serving tables instead of putting my degree to use. I’m going to plan for the future, but live in the present.


Did y’all make any resolutions or goals for 2012?



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