THROWBACK THURSDAY: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

As I mentioned in my farewell to 2011 post, we visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last February. 

I teared up when we walked into Hogsmeade. It was all so overwhelmingly perfect.

Andrea & I made “Make love, not horcruxes” shirts for all of us to wear the first day and glasses/lightening bolt shirts for the second. They were really cute and actually did make it easier to find one another.  The backs of the horcruxes shirts had a lightening bolt with our house colours (Angele’s was green & silver for Slytherin, Kathy & Andrea had red & gold for Gryffindor, and mine was blue & silver for Ravenclaw).

After Hogwarts, we wandered the rest of the Islands of Adventure. While Angele & Kathy went back to WWoHP, Andrea & I rode the biggest rollercoasters we could find, as many times as we could. Oh, and this Dr. Seuss carousel.

Then we got pretty and went to a fancy dinner, because that’s what you do on vacation.

…and then went back to Hogsmeade bright and early the next morning.

We didn’t have time to visit all the shops in Hogsmeade the first day, so we spent the second morning in Honeydukes, Ollivanders, Hogs Head, Filches, Zonkos, & Dervish and Banges. Oh, and one more tour through Hogwarts.

Once we accepted that we couldn’t live in Hogsmeade, we made our way to Universal Studios for meeting characters and riding even more rollercoasters.

Awwww yeah.

The only way to end two days of rollercoastering and Harry Pottering is in Downtown Disney, taking pictures with statues and Legos and eating Ghirardelli ice cream.

Making this post makes me want to go back right this second. Road trip, anyone?


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