2012 goals so far…

Happy February! We’re already a month into 2012, which is crazy! I thought this might be a good time to evaluate how I am doing with my goals for the year.

Write more. – Well, I have been taking a lot of notes and working on my statement of purpose, but I’ve, once again, been neglecting my blog. Unless we’re counting micro-blogging, because I am fantastic about keeping my twitter active.

Here’s a few gems you may have missed if you don’t yet follow @hollishter:

I’ve also been active on Instagram, but I’ll make a special post for those.

– Read more. Definitely reading a lot. Re-read Hunger Games, read How to Archer, currently reading In a Sunburned Country, all on top of having my nose in my GRE study book all month.

– Go back to school. In case you didn’t figure it out by the note-taking and GRE studying, I am taking the necessary steps to get into a Master’s program for the fall. My first choice (by a long-shot) is UGA’s Journalism and Mass Communication program. I take the GRE February 9th (a week from tomorrow!) and would appreciate all the crossed-fingers, positive thoughts, good juju, and prayers you can spare. If any of you have an uncle or aunt or anyone you can black mail on the admissions board, let me know. Just kidding. Sort of.

– Be healthy. With GRE studying, I’ve pretty much just skipped this one. I don’t eat junk food on a regular basis, but I haven’t changed any habits as far as keeping my body healthy. As far as my mind goes, it’s been extremely active, but my stress-levels are pretty high right now, too. I’ll relax in 9 days.

– Get & stay organized. Well. My craft room is still a giant to be slayed, but the rest of the house has stayed mostly in order, at least according to my standards. I need to learn to judge things by Benjamin’s standards, though. Clutter has never bothered me, but it’s not fair to think it shouldn’t bother him. Even still, I am doing better.

Make and stick to a budget– Nope. Well, maybe. I haven’t spent excessively, but I didn’t make a budget, so I can’t tell you if I stayed within my limits or not.

– Be more present. I’ve been better about putting my phone away when I’m out/at work/with friends. At home, I still find I pay a lot more attention to it than I should. Working on it.


Overall, not too shabby. I’ll try to re-evaluate where I am with my goals every month. Hopefully it will keep me on track.


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