my life is chaos

Maybe not chaos. Just really, really, really busy.

Since my last post, I…

  • Studied for the GRE until all I saw were math equations and vocabulary words I’d never seen before and will likely never see again.
  • Took the GRE! And did pretty well! 161 Verbal (which equates to 620 on the old scale), 154 Quantitive (690 old scale). I haven’t gotten my official results in the mail yet, but according to my UGA application, I scored a 4.5 on the analytic writing. So, I feel pretty good about that.
  • Started a new job! Just as I joked earlier this year, as soon as I gave up on finding a job in PR, one would come along. And here it is. I’m now managing PR/Social Media for Listen Up Audiobooks! I’m still settling in, but I really like it so far. If you love audiobooks or me or both, like us on Facebook &  follow us on Twitter.
  • This brings my grand total of current jobs to 4 – Listen Up, the pub, Lil Miss Rainbow, & babysitting. I’m hoping for things to balance out or for me to at least get accustomed to being constantly busy. I’ve gotten used to down time.
  • Haven’t finished my Statement of Purpose, but I really need to send it this week, so that is my goal for the week.  Actually, that is my goal for tonight. It’s kind of critically important for me getting into grad school.
  • Had an entire day off with Benjamin on Sunday and we put together the puzzle he got me for Valentine’s Day. Aww, yeah.


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