Hunger Games Stencil Tutorial

Congratulations to Lauren for winning the Mockingjay pin! Happy Hunger Games! 

Hunger Games midnight showing is TOMORROW!! (omgomgomgomg!) So, unless you want one of the weird character shirts from Hot Topic (you don’t), you probably don’t have time to get a themed shirt. Worry not! I’m going to show you how to make one! Tutorial after the jump!

What you'll need

1. Print out your stencil(s). My shirt has a Mockingjay of the front and says “real or not real?” on the back. Andrea’s says “stay alive.” on the front & has a Mockingjay on the back. Make sure you print the image the same size and you want it on your shirt.

2. Lightly spray your spray adhesive on the back of your stencil. Let dry a few seconds, until it’s tacky. Apply to freezer paper. If you have a better printer than I do (or understand how to use your printer better than I do) and can print directly on to your freezer paper, do that and skip this step.  Make sure to apply to the NON-waxed side of the paper.

Create bridges

3. We’re going to cut out the black part of the stencil. However, if we cut all the black out, some of the white parts will fall away, too. These white parts are considered islands, so we need to make a bridge to them. The bridge will keep the islands in place and they’ll make our stencil stronger. We’ll paint over the bridges later.

4. Cut out the BLACK part. If you cut out the white part, like I did the first time, you’re going to be making a negative image (which is cool, if that’s what you’re going for).


Cut out black parts and you'll have your stencil.

Iron your stencil

5. Iron your stencil to your shirt/hoodie/bag/whatever. Make sure you are ironing wax-side down. The wax will melt enough to seal the stencil to the shirt. This will prevent the paint from bleeding, but won’t leave a mark. During this step, I prefer to peel away the printer-paper and just work with the freezer paper.


6. Using your brush or sponge, paint over the design. You can be really careful or you can just blot paint over the whole thing. If you are using textile medium and acrylic, mix them according to the textile medium directions (typically 1:1 ratio).


7. If you’re painting on a dark shirt, paint another coat.

Peel away!

8. Peel away your stencil. You should see your image with nice crisp lines.

Fill in your bridges

9. Fill in your  bridges. You can see on mine where the paint is still drying over the brides.

10. Let that side dry while you repeat steps 1-4 with whatever you’re putting on the other side.

Wear proudly!

My Mockingjay is solid, Andrea’s has more defining lines.

Stencil for my Mockingjay

Stencil for Andrea's Mockingjay

If you make one, I’d love to see it! Let me know if you have any questions. And, of course, this technique works for any freezer-paper stenciling, not just Hunger Games themed.

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