Things With Which I am Currently Obsessed

Originally, the title of this post was “Things I’m Currently Obsessed With”, but it’s nearing the end of the semester and I’ve been writing far too many academic papers to end a sentence with a preposition.

In two weeks, as deadlines approach far too quickly and my brain turns to mush, my posts will read more like “LOOK AT THIS CAT. THIS CAT. LOOK.” and “food tastes happy i like corn”. What I’m trying to say is, the past few months have been a blur. A stressful, surreal blur.  But the following things are amazing.

This picture has A LOT of the things keeping me sane: Benjamin, first and foremost (just pretend he’s smiling), a trip to Cashiers, N.C. to see two of my favourite people get married in front of a castle with a hawk playing ring bearer, a beautiful fall day, and a really good hair day (thanks to my favourite dye, shampoo/conditioner, and no-heat curing technique).

This picture captures a few more of the things I love: Quetzal & Ixie (both on catnip). Also, my bike. I’m definitely still getting used to the idea of being one of those people who do active things on purpose, but I have enjoyed riding around Athens with Benjamin.

The fact that my hair can look like this.

All things butternut squash, including my butternut & apple soup, Benjamin’s butternut and (soy) chorizo stew, and this cheesy butternut squash & shells.

DIY Galaxy Booties

Grumpy Cat

This beautiful coat that I obviously need.

Anything that allows me to put off doing the things I should be doing. Happy Thanksgiving Break!


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