Hello, 2013

A year ago, I made the following resolutions. Some I’ve stuck to, some I haven’t. Most are still applicable for my goals for 2013.

– Write more. In 2012, I certainly didn’t blog more, but I did write quite a few papers for school and even started some fictional fun writing. Just rambles I don’t plan on showing anyone, but it’s enjoyable for me and I feel that these snippets of thought have helped improve my writing skills. I hope to improve, in quantity and quality, my academic writing and my personal writing in 2013.

– Read more. Well, graduate school has definitely increased my reading – articles, papers, text books, mostly. In between those, I read (I think) 14 books, not including re-reads or re-listens (some were audiobooks). This year, I doubt I’ll have time for as much pleasure reading, but I hope to keep better track of what I read and when I read it (via goodreads).

– Go back to school. Check! For 2013, I’m adjusting this goal to Continue to do well in school. In addition to classes, I’ll also be working as a research assistant starting next week, to which this goal also applies. 

– Be healthy. This was going pretty well until school started. The combination of stress, Christmas cookies, and an abundance of cheap food and drink has derailed me a bit. I have, though, gotten in to the habit of actually taking my vitamins every day and drinking much more water. I’ve added new vegetables to the list of things I like and have a pretty well stocked arsenal of healthy meals. I plan on being one of the many to join a gym come January and have set the lofty goal of riding my bicycle to said gym a few times a week.

– Get & stay organized. I am so much more organized now than I have ever been before, but there is still room for (significant) improvement. We can’t put any major (read: screws) in our plaster walls, which has made my previous method for fabric organization useless. I am also lacking a bookshelf, so my school books/papers tend to end up living on the guess bed most of the time. Definitely going to try and fix that this year.

Make and stick to a budget– Well. I started using Mint.com early last year, but as I was still waiting tables, I almost always spent cash, of which Mint wasn’t so helpful keeping track. In addition, I was working so much that I didn’t have time to spend the money I made and four jobs more than covered my expenses. Now that I have joined the world of the plastics (and grad students), Mint sends me smug emails noting that I’ve exceeded my budget for food or gas or hair care or cat food. This year, out of spite, I’m going to prove to Mint (and myself) that I can set and stick to a budget.

– Be more present. This goal was actually the hardest for me. Currently, within arms-length, I have my phone, iPod, Kindle, and, of course, my computer (with 22 tabs open). The television isn’t on, but it is in front of me and could tempt me with entertainment at any second. The possibilities for distraction are endless. I find that it is often hard for me to just focus on the moment. I find myself scrolling Facebook or Instagram on my phone while watching a movie with Benjamin, which isn’t fair to Benjamin (or the movie for that matter). I think about all the meals I’ve shared with friends, half the time spent on our phones. That’s silly and I have to get better about it. If I’m sitting down to a meal or a movie with a loved one, I should focus on them, not on what is happening on Twitter or Reddit. Disconnecting from all that is essential for connecting with each other. In 2013, I’m going to remember that.

What are your goals for 2013?


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