Photo by Lauren Rae Photography

Photo by Lauren Rae Photography

B.S., Communication – Kennesaw State University, 2009

M.A., Journalism & Mass Communication – The University of Georgia, 2014

Public relations coordinator for ListenUp Audiobooks and Magick Lantern in Atlanta, Ga.

Borderline obsessive fan of many things. Fond of cats, coffee, writing, reading, honeysuckle,  pretending that I’m a mermaid. Sarcastic, optimistic, feminist, face painter, costumer, crafter, wannabe artist. Living the life in Decatur, Ga., with my partner, Benjamin, and our two cats, Quetzal and Ixie.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ryan says:

    I can’t figure out how to ‘follow’ your blog since mine is through Blogspot, but keep up the photography. I got very philosophical upon seeing Airborne. Every story can be a comedy or tragedy depending on when you end the telling (or it can be a history if you just keep talking and talking and talking).

    -Barb’s friend Ryan

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