Wednesday Weirdness

For the past month or so, our trees have been filled with birds. They come and go throughout the day. While they are perched in the branches, they are incredibly loud, then suddenly, creepily silent as they all fly away in a cloud. Sometimes the cats go crazy, most the time they barely notice, distracted by their naps and the need to lick themselves.


Speaking of birds and cats – earlier today a bird flew straight into the window of our house then fell (dead, most likely) in front of one of many stray (or outdoor or extra) cats that hang out in our backyard. He trotted off with the bird in his mouth. Must have thought it was his lucky day.

Things With Which I am Currently Obsessed

Originally, the title of this post was “Things I’m Currently Obsessed With”, but it’s nearing the end of the semester and I’ve been writing far too many academic papers to end a sentence with a preposition.

In two weeks, as deadlines approach far too quickly and my brain turns to mush, my posts will read more like “LOOK AT THIS CAT. THIS CAT. LOOK.” and “food tastes happy i like corn”. What I’m trying to say is, the past few months have been a blur. A stressful, surreal blur.  But the following things are amazing.

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