Oh no! Left my card reader at home.

I’ve been splitting my time (unevenly) between Decatur & Kennesaw for the past few months. My card reader is, unfortunately, in Kennesaw. I won’t be back until late late Friday/early early Saturday. I’m doing so well so far with my 365 project. I made it until day 2 before posting pictures of my cats. Day 3 and I can’t put my pictures on my computer. I’d say “I’ll get better”, but in reality, this is probably indicative of a pattern. However, this blog isn’t just about my mediocre 365 pictures, it’s about my life, social media, cats, crafts, books, food, and my mediocre 365 pictures.

So, right now, while I’m baking some gluten & egg free banana bread (my boyfriend isn’t supposed to eat either) using this recipe, I’ll take this chance to post some of my favourite things around the internet.

This 1947 wedding dress is not only stunning, but was made from the parachute that saved the grooms life.

Awesome article about the importance of young adult literature.

This rock ‘n’ roll kid can motivate us all to ride our bikes or take over the world.

Just a little over a month until my birthday/the conclusion of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows! Brand new character posters of the Battle of Hogwarts were released today! I think my favourite posters are Neville’s & Snape’s (love the Gryffindor scarf in the background).

And on that Harry Potter, summertime excitement note, it’s time for me to start planning & sewing costumes for Dragon*Con!

Andrea suggested True Blood’s, Lorena wearing a ribcage hat.

And Bon Qui Qui.

Barbara suggested Star Trek’s DS9’s Jadzia Dax

Any other suggestions?