Is Butterbeer a Carb?

Birthday Breakfast

Thursday, the 14th, was my 25th birthday! The day started off with this beautiful breakfast, thanks to my chef, aka boyfriend.

Since my birthday falls on Bastille Day, we continued our morning ritual (at least for this month) of watching le Tour de France.

Now pretend that right here are pictures of us getting ready, driving in a lot of traffic, picking up movie tickets, meeting up with friends, eating at Maggiano’s, getting coffee and then heading to the theatre.

Andrea & I in our birthday party dresses

Look how cute Andrea’s outfit is! I cannot get over the cardigan she stenciled or the bow tie she made. SO CUTE.

The group! Kathy is there, too, but she was too busy eating ice cream to get in the picture. We saw a double feature of Deathly Hallows pt. 1 and pt. 2. I won’t give any spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen pt. 2 (HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY WAIT SO LONG?? IT HAS BEEN OUT OVER A DAY!) but I will say that it definitely lived up to my expectations. I loved it and am excited to go see it again – this time in IMAX!

As I noted before, Andrea made a few things for her outfit. These were the homemade things in mine. I sewed and stenciled my tie. My brother Skyler carved my wand (he also sewed my house robe!). Mary made my golden snitch necklace (still available on her etsy and on sale until Sunday).  Andrea made butterbeer cupcakes for all of us, and they were incredible.  She also made me some awesome presents, of which I’ll make sure to take pictures soon, including a shirt that says “Is Butterbeer a Carb?”! Since I linked to Harry Potter/Mean Girls crossovers the other day, I shouldn’t have to explain this to you.

Overall, my birthday week has been incredible. We’re continuing  celebrations tonight with Harry Potter trivia and tomorrow with a Braves game!