excuses, excuses.

Oh, Blog.

I know it seems as if I’m neglecting you already, and I guess I sort of am, but I have a good reason(s)!

  • I have been working a whole lot – this isn’t really an excuse, though; I’m always working a lot.
  • The date I relinquish my room to my replacement/brother keeps getting closer. Not as in, “Oh! I have known this day has been coming, I just got so busy & it snuck up on me!”, but as in originally scheduled for October, which changed to August, which changed to the end of July, which changed to the middle of July, which changed to the end of June, which then changed to the 26th of June (which, I suppose is still sort of the end of June, but still), which then, as of this morning, changed to this Saturday. I haven’t had any say in the decision making of when I need to be out of my house, so it’s definitely not working so well with my schedule. Between the lack of time & lack of boxes & lack of truck & probable lack of space once this all happens, I’m freaking out.
  • My boyfriend hit a deer while riding his bike. And killed it. 

(p.s. I don’t have an actual picture from the incident. I wasn’t there. I have seen his wounds though and am pretty sure it was less amusing than this picture).

Yup. During a race this Saturday, a deer ran out of the woods onto the downhill portion of the course. Benjamin made first contact, hitting the deer at about 30 mph. Another rider hit the deer, too.  So, while work got in the way of me going to his first post-deer-slaying doctor’s visit, today I accompanied him to the radiologist. Thus far, everything looks, relatively speaking, okay. 

I have been taking pictures, though! I missed 2 days, so today was “aqua”, tomorrow will be “architecture”.