Mockingjay Pumpkin Stencil

We haven’t gotten our pumpkins yet (I know, I know – we didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch this year.), but I’m hoping to watch Hocus Pocus & carve a few tonight. Not sure how I’ll carve mine, but the stencil I made for the Hunger Games shirt tutorial works as a pumpkin stencil, too. What do your jack-o-lanterns look like?

The method I use for making stencils is from Stencilry, which has some really great stencils, but I don’t think the site has been updated recently.


Happy Fall! I’ve been enjoying jeans-and-boots weather. Yesterday Andrea, Alex, Mary, Matt, Benjamin & I dove in to fall by going pumpkin & apple picking. Mary & Matt managed to escape all of my pictures, so I’ll make sure to link to her blog when she posts her pictures.


Lots of pumpkins, apples, and fall goodness here.

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