Hello, 2016

This year the following things will happen:
– Benjamin and I will get married!
– I’ll turn 30!


Hopefully these things will also happen:

– We will make steps toward other changes, like moving to a place we want to be and making more money.
– I will increase my flexibility. I’m weirdly flexible in some ways, like I can lick my elbow, but in other ways not at all, like I can barely touch my toes. So, hopefully I can touch my toes. And do a split.
– I’ll keep up with my exercise routine and improve my diet. Specifically, I want to work out at least 4 days a week, drink more water, and log my food everyday.
– Keep my perspective and privileges in check. Keep challenging myself and learning about other perspectives.
– Cultivate my relationships. Appreciate Benjamin every day. Make time for just us at least 3 times a week. Make time for friends weekly.
– Work toward my goal of a book a week.

Rad Stuff, January 5.

Colossal Art & Design

– I’ve seen this linked all over Pinterest and Facebook the past few days. It’s an installation at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art for which children visiting the museum were given thousands of stickers and let loose in what was essentially a house. I’ve spent the past 10 minutes creating my own virtual version.

– PR Daily released it’s list of 2011’s worst PR blunder, chosen by readers. I agree with their rankings and guffawed as I read #8.

– Thought Catalog has an awesome and amusing list of New Year’s resolutions for us twenty-somethings.

– Now that everyone has the Facebook timeline (I think everyone on my feed has mentioned it, if not complained about it), Mashable has a few ideas for customizing your cover image. Some are kind of lame (a “like” collage?) but some are really neat.

– Once upon a time ago, Jason Mraz sang simple, perfect music with a touch of wordplay and a lot of heart. His third studio album,”We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” included “I’m Yours”, which broke the record for weeks spent on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, it is “the sixth best selling digital song of all time in the U.S., selling in excess of 5 million downloads” (Wikipedia). Basically, I know you’ve heard that song at least a million times and you’re so sick of J.Mraz that you don’t even want to listen to his new song. But do it anyway, because it’s beautiful and made me cry.