Mockingjay Pumpkin Stencil

We haven’t gotten our pumpkins yet (I know, I know – we didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch this year.), but I’m hoping to watch Hocus Pocus & carve a few tonight. Not sure how I’ll carve mine, but the stencil I made for the Hunger Games shirt tutorial works as a pumpkin stencil, too. What do your jack-o-lanterns look like?

The method I use for making stencils is from Stencilry, which has some really great stencils, but I don’t think the site has been updated recently.

Hunger Games Stencil Tutorial

Congratulations to Lauren for winning the Mockingjay pin! Happy Hunger Games! 

Hunger Games midnight showing is TOMORROW!! (omgomgomgomg!) So, unless you want one of the weird character shirts from Hot Topic (you don’t), you probably don’t have time to get a themed shirt. Worry not! I’m going to show you how to make one! Tutorial after the jump!

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