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As you probably know, from my lack of posts and the fact that I mention it every single time I do post, I am crazy-busy.  So, what’s keeping me busy?

I began my official second year of my master’s program today. Well, I guess. I had to take summer classes in order to keep my assistantship and I’m fairly certain I crossed the second-year line somewhere back there.  Anyway.

L-R, Dr. Tudor Vlad, me, Dr. Lee Becker -  from

L-R, Dr. Tudor Vlad, me, Dr. Lee Becker – photo from

Speaking of that assistantship, we presented the findings of the research we’ve been conducting (and analyzing and writing about and analyzing more) at the annual AEJMC conference in Washington, D.C. this past weekend. You can read all about it here and see pretty pictures of the presentation and of other AEJMC shenanigans on Grady’s Flickr.

On top of that, I’m still managing Listen Up‘s public relations and social media presence. We are starting new things and expanding on exciting projects and all sorts of things that I don’t really get to talk about but am really proud to be a part of.


Rainbow illustration from Artish Bandaid –

Plus, there is always clowning around, from which I’ve backed off a bit to enjoy my free time when I can. I certainly haven’t been turning jobs down and don’t plan on it, so if you have anyone in need of a clown, face painter, and/or balloon artist, please send them to Rainbow!

It is a lot, but I’m starting to get better at balancing things. I’m doing my best to schedule time for things that make me happy, things that are really important, like Benjamin. And, like escaping to Savannah with my bestie for a weekend (which is happening SO soon!). And reading. And occasionally exercising, on purpose. I’m in the process of sewing costumes for Dragon*Con and I think that they are all going to come together just fine.

Perhaps I’ll get the hang of this work-school-work-work-life balance and have time to draft posts of more substantial things or at least more entertaining things.


That’s really unlikely, I know. So, to make up for that disappointment, here is a picture from my 27 Club-themed 27th birthday (I know, it’s morbid, but I wanted to dress as Amy Winehouse, okay?).

P.S. I don’t know how to categorize my posts. I just go with “special event”, because the fact that I am even writing a blog entry feels like it’s a special event.

June is Audiobook Month


Hey everyone! I’ll be blogging about audiobooks all month over at! If you like audiobooks – tweet at us using the hashtag #JIAM2012 or follow us on Facebook.




I promise I’ll have a real post coming up soon – right now I’m bogged down blogging for work.